Vine Vera Review

Vine Vera Miami Review

Hello Vine Vera. I’m back. To refresh your memory, I had visited the Vine Vera Miami Store about 2 months back and had purchased a couple of products from the store. I was really impressed with the products then also, but I had a lot of product left in the ones I was using at the time. So I decided to postpone any major purchases until these products got over.

Finally, after a period of 2 months, I feel that I have used enough of the products to warrant a change. I happily went to the Vine Vera Store hoping to come back with some of those amazing products, but boy, was I in for a shock.

To my surprise, the moment I entered the Vine Vera store, I was seated on that luxurious couch and offered a selection of refreshments to choose from. The salesgirl who had attended me the last time was present the store, and is she good or what?

Vine Vera - Merlot Night Cream

Although she couldn’t place my name, she clearly remembered my visit and thanked me for visiting the store again. She also said that it was high time that they treated me with a free facial (it was booked for another appointment the last time around).

So, they took me into that “VIP room” and I really think that they’ve termed the room well. It surely makes you feel like a VIP with its luxurious decors and an amazing fully reclinable and extremely comfortable seat. I was seated and treated with one of the most delightful of my life. The entire process lasted for about 40 minutes and they used different products from different Vine Vera collections on my skin. Oh, the moment those products touched my skin I was reminded of just how amazing they felt. They also used this unique product on my face that actually created a warming effect and left my skin looking super smooth and ultra beautiful. I was really really happy with the facial.

Once the facial got over, I went back to the main room and started picking up some products that I needed. I picked up a cleanser, a night cream, an SPF moisturizer as well as that wonderful warming product from the store. And you can simply imagine my happiness when they offered me membership to the VIP club.

Wow. I mean, really WOW. I don’t get impressed with skin care brands easily, but you guys are really something else. It’s not just the product. You guys really do take care of everything.

Kudos to what you guys have been doing. Just hope to keep getting such amazing services in the future.