• Unexpected Places In Miami Offering Top Class Exhibition Of Arts

    View Of Miami Airport

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    Miami is a great place to visit for people from all walks of life. Among the various things that it has to entrance the tourists is its delightful arts scene. The arts in Miami has been transformed to the next level as the artists are too creative and innovative now, and they experiment boldly with the modern art forms. So, people won’t see the classical art forms on graffiti amassing acknowledgement, rather modern arts has now dominated the scene in Miami. And, the best part is that this revolution in arts is not limited to one or two places, but, thanks to the art lovers, the arts scene is ubiquitous in Miami. So, here is a list of some places in Miami that have top class exhibition of Arts, but they are probably too unassuming to be noticeable.

    Little Haiti Soccer Park

    Little Haiti Soccer Park is the ultimate place to witness the street art. It is the most revered place of local graffiti artists since they could display their arts in an unrestrained manner as walls are slated for their use here. The place is well-managed because of the collective efforts of artists and residents of Miami and Haiti who have teamed with Pinnacle Housing in order to come up with authentic cultural urban gallery.

    Vizcaya Metrorail Station

    Passengers to the Metrorail are fortunate to revel in the beauty of the arts at most of the stations; however, the one that stands out is marvellous fountain just outside Vizcaya station, which is called “Delights and Terrors from the sea”. The sculpture displays the mermen and mermaids from the famous work of Alexander Stirling Calder titled “Great Stone Barge”. However, it was Mark Jeffries who re-casted the molds and created a fountain at the centre, a sight which offers visual delight to the passer-by now.

    Administrative Offices At Villa Aurora

    The endeavour of the authorities to appeal the aesthetic faculty of the people is exhibited here in the beautiful artworks that reflect the innovative and creative art of the contemporary artists. There are such gorgeous works as “The Lair’ made by Jill Cannady.

    Miami International Airport

    Miami International Airport contains some of the best artworks in the US. The ‘Carybe Murals’ that are placed in concourse H are the pick of the lot since they are the perfect embodiment of multiculturalism and pioneer spirit of the city. It is interesting to note that this mural initially bedecked JFK airport, and was later moved here when that terminal was demolished.

    The Fontainebleau Hotel

    The chateau building designed by Morris Lapidus is a great work of art in itself; although the whole hotel is full of exciting and gorgeous artefacts. Among them is the original work of James Turrell, chandeliers made by Ai Wei Wei, to name a few.

    Gesu Church

    Gesu Church in Downtown is inarguably among the most popular and the most beautiful churches in the world. The church got a complete renovation in 2012 when the authorities spent a whopping $220,000 for its restoration. All the ceilings, frescoes, stained glasses, and murals got transformed completely, making this church one of the great art museums as well.

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