• Unearthing The Scintillating Spots In Miami That Don’t Have The Chaotic Rush Of Tourists

    View Of North Beach

    Miami has always been a popular tourist spot, simply because of the great number of options that it has to offer to the visitors. A dazzling array of popular buildings, great museums, parks, scintillating beaches, and a plethora of entertainment options always incite the visitors to Miami. While people love to enjoy the huge rush of tourists, still, there are times when people want to avoid the crowd in order to have some quality moments with their friends, or relatives. Moreover, there are some people who simply love to revel in solitude. So, there are some scintillating spots in Miami that don’t witness a chaotic rush of tourists.

    North Beach

    While majority of people love to hit the beaches in Miami, it is quite understood that the beaches in Miami are always thronged by visitors. The same goes with Miami Beach. However, a distinction can be made between North Beach and South Beach here. While South Beach attracts huge number of tourists who are always mesmerized by the restaurants, hotels, and shops here, North Beach is relatively quieter place. One could easily find parking here. Moreover, the food offered at mom and pop restaurants is also delicious. So, it is an idyllic beach to visit.

    Sunset Harbour

    Sunset Harbour is a perfect spot for getting quality food. While most of the people are crazy about restaurants in Ocean drive, the spots here are unassuming but offer relishing food. For instance, The Pelican Café, News Café, Columbus Restaurant, etc. offer mouth-watering food that is done to perfection. And then, there is the Panther Coffee that provides really invigorating coffee. So, one could avoid waiting for hours in order to get their favourite food by visiting Sunset Harbour on busy Friday nights.

    Little Haiti

    While most of the people love to popular spots like Little Havana, there is a spot called Little Haiti that is a perfect destination for people looking for enjoying their day out with their friends and relatives. The best part about this spot is that one gets to see a dazzling array of cultures and traditions here. Moreover, people lay special emphasis on improving the culinary and art scene of the place. Also, there are a number of local bands who give some outstanding musical performances that are sure to give one goose pimples. So, one could opt for visiting this spot instead of hitting the areas which are always crowded.

    Old Cutler Trail

    While people are busy visiting popular spots one could simply embark upon this 11 mile paved trail that takes one along Biscayne Bay, Matheson Hammock Park, Pinecrest Gardens, Fairchild Tropical Gardens, and Deering Estate. So, one gets the chance to traverse through some of the quaint and unique neighbourhoods in Miami.

    Rio Cristal

    People feel the inclination to eat Cuban food after entering Miami. This is because of the great culinary scene of the place in which one gets chance to eat really authentic Cuban delicacies. However, while everyone seems to be going in the Downtown to the popular Cuban restaurants, one could simply head towards the suburbs in order to eat at Rio Cristal. The chefs here are not only experienced but also innovative. So, one could expect great authentic Cuban food here, without having to endure endless wait. Moreover, there is a place reserved for parking as well here for the diners.

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