• Unearthing Evergreen Hottest Attractions In Miami

    View Of South Beach

    Miami has always been the hot favourite among tourists, and there are several features of the place that make it stand out from the rest of the places in the world. Flawless weather conditions and pristine beaches are two most prominent reasons why tourists love to explore this stunning location, and soak in the natural beauty of the place. Besides, there are countless manmade attractions as well. Moreover, there are certain attractions that are evergreen hottest attractions, and here is a list of some of these great locations in Miami.

    Lummus Park Beach

    People are crazy about the beaches in Miami, and South Beach is one of the beaches in Miami that attract a sea of humanity. And, one of the beaches in South Beach, which is located in the vicinity of Ocean Drive, is the Lummus Park Beach, which is known to offer ultimate experience all throughout the year. This piece of land draws the maximum number of people throughout the year. Children too love this amazing spot since it gives them a chance to get involved in playful activities, and moreover, there is a garden or a mini playground just at the entrance where kids love to play and have fun. There are all sorts of people out there, so, it is a great people watching experience too, as tourists could see various colours of Miami reflected by the dresses and mannerism of the locals.

    Miami Zoo

    Miami Zoo is another hot spot that attracts a great number of people throughout the year. There are remarkable air exhibits here along with some exotic creatures that never fail to delight the visitors. Some of the famous as well as favourite animals include Komodo dragons, leopards, tree kangaroos, and lemurs, to name a few. Moreover, there is ample to see of standard wildlife as well, since one is able to see lions, giraffes, koalas, meerkats, and other great variety of colourful birds.

    Shark Valley Visitor Center

    Shark Valley Visitor Center is another rage among people. It is basically a part of Everglades National Park. One could simply walk, take a bike tour, or a tram tour. People are invariably amazed to see alligators resting right in the middle of trail! Besides, there are no fences as well. So, they could watch these full-grown alligators from such a close angle.

    Jungle Island

    Jungle Island is a unique island park which houses a great number and variety of tropical birds, since one is able to locate more than 1000 parrots, macaws, and other giant reptiles here. Moreover, there are great variety of exotic flowers and plants as well; though, the area is crowded and noisy. There are some shows as well that are organised for people, including ‘Winged Wonders,’ ‘Reptile Giants,’ ‘Wild Encounters,’ etc.

    Little Havana

    Although Little Havana is a small neighbourhood; still, it has a lot to offer to the visitors in terms of its rich cultural heritage. Around 2 million people live here now, in sharp contrast to just a few residents in the area who had made the place their home after Castro’s revolution. The place has various characteristics that never fail to amuse people including the authentic food, fragrant coffee, and hand-rolled cigars, to name a few.

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