• Uncovering The Little Known Yet Intriguing Secrets About Miami

    View Of Sunset At A Beach

    Miami has always attracted hoards of crowd because of its mesmerizing beauty. The spots here are incredibly amazing. Moreover, apart from the well-known iconic destinations here, there are a number of intriguing spots here that grip the attention of the visitors. Here is a list of some of these secrets about Miami.

    It Is Possible To Rent Stiltsville House

    Stiltsville House in Biscayne Bay has always stunned the people with the way it has handled nature’s fury with indomitable strength. In fact, there are seven houses here on stilts, and all of these have endured fires, hurricanes, etc. and stood their ground. And, amazing part is that one could rent these historic stilt houses. It is incredible to rent a boat and get there in the house and witness a completely different world from this site.

    Miami’s Oldest Houses Used To Be A Part Of Downtown

    It is baffling but it’s true that Miami’s Downtown is mainly a residential neighbourhood. So, some oldest houses in Miami that were built in the early years of the 19th century were a part of Downtown Miami. Some of these buildings are Masonry Vernacular, Mediterranean Revival, and other buildings with A-frame superb architectural styles. In fact, William Wagner, which is Miami’s oldest standing house, and Fort Dallas, which got transferred from Miami River’s edges belong to pioneer days of the city. And, same is the case with Scottish Rite temple.

    Amazing Collection Of Scintillating Art Deco Architecture Is Easily Accessible

    Another incredulous thing about Miami is that there are around 900 buildings in the arts district here in Miami Beach. So, the existence of such huge number of buildings within close proximity gives one a chance to acknowledge the beautiful art scene here, as they experience great things here as porhole windows, fountains, flora, neon, geometric motifs, terrazzo floors, etc.

    Biscayne Bay’s Man-Made Reef

    Neptune Memorial Reef is located around 40ft under Biscayne Bay and is a great replica of Atlantis, the lost city. This place is also a great memorial site.

    Columns Of Remembrance Forgotten In Everglades

    The memorial in Everglades was built to remember 110 people who lost their lives when ValuJet Flight 592 crashed in 1996. The plane crashed at exactly the same site. However, Columns of Remembrance have been forgotten by people now.

    Independent Radio Station At Miami

    The independent radio station in Wynwood provides a truly remarkable experience to people. It plays not only the songs sung by emerging talented artists, but also by internationally acclaimed singers. Moreover, it is the perfect spot to hear about various cultural events and underground music prevalent in Miami.

    Barton G’s The Villa’s Underground Tunnel

    This Villa in Miami Beach is an unmistakable spot. However, apart from its visible beauty there is an underground passageway just near the pool. And, the entrance to the tunnel is unassuming as well, since one enters through mosaic dial located on the pool deck. However, people seem to be least interested in deciphering the code, since they are carried away by the extravagance of the pool that has more than 1000 mosaic tiles as well as 24-carat gold.

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