• Top Class Italian Restaurants In Miami Serving Authentic Italian Dishes

    View Of Italian Restaurant

    People in Miami are fortunate to have a great dining scene as there are a number of top-class restaurants here perfecting in all sorts of cuisines. And, the scene is no different when it comes to Italian dishes since people get to taste some incredibly authentic Italian dishes here. There is a dazzling array of Italian restaurants here; however, there some that starkly stand out from the rest. Here is a list of some top class restaurants in Miami serving magnificently done Italian dishes exhibiting true culture and aroma of Italy.

    Salumeria 104

    Salumeria 104 is a popular Italian restaurant in Midtown. One could taste such refreshing dishes here as cavatelli that is served along with deliciously prepared house-made ricotta. The best part is that one gets a considerable portion of dish here, so, people feel completely full and satisfied after having dined in this restaurant.

    La Locanda

    La Locanda is an unpretentious restaurant in Sofi that is run by Italian people. So, one could expect truly colourful Italian flavour while dining here. The menu includes a number of dishes, but the pick of the lot is its relishing pizzas that are decidedly the best in whole Miami.


    Sylvano at Miami Beach attracts a number of return visitors, especially because of the perfectly done Italian dishes that it has to provide. People are truly entranced by the authenticity of the dishes.

    Casa D’ Angelo

    Casa D’ Angelo in Ft. Lauderdale is a popular spot that is famous for accommodating large families looking to get amazing Italian dishes. The place is jam-packed on weekends, and enjoys a fairly good crowd on weekdays as well.

    Valentino Cucina Italiana

    Valentino Cucina Italiana is inarguably the top class Italian restaurant for fine dining in Miami. The restaurant is run by Giovanni, son of the great chef Tony Rocchio. As expected, the son brings a lot of quality experience along with him, and the immaculate taste and perfect texture of the Italian dishes prove these claims.

    Soya E Pomodoro

    Soya E Pomodoro is run by Italian couple who have plenty of experience. The place is great for dining along with families as there is a dazzling array of dishes in the menu. Apart from this, the ambience and interiors of the restaurant are quite home-like as well.

    Il Gabbiano

    Il Gabbiano in Downtown is famous for offering breathtaking views of the surroundings. Apart from this, the restaurant serves a number of authentic Italian dishes including charcuterie, fresh cheeses, filetto farcito, risotto ai frutti, etc.


    Dolce in South Beach has earned a lot of fame since its inception; in fact, the restaurant was included among Miami’s ‘Best Newly Opened Restaurants’. And, all this hype is proven straightaway as soon as people savour the perfectly made pizzas and spotless house-made pasta, which are inarguably the best in the town.

    Louie Bossi’s

    Louie Bossi’s is known to offer all sorts of creative and fresh dishes to the people. The chefs here have a lot of experience and are never afraid of experimenting as well. So, one could taste a number of new dishes here including pasta mafaldine, which is actually burnt ends of crunchy lasagne that is served along with pork ragu and beef.

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