• Things To Do In Miami On A Rainy Day

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    Miami is a place that receives a fair bit of rainfall as other places do. However, the place offers a number of options that one could choose from in case of rain, which makes the city an increasingly favourite tourist attraction. One could find unlimited fun and entertainment options here, irrespective of the type of weather. So, here is a list of some indoor activities that one could indulge in when the rain is inundating the city beautiful.

    Hit The Ninja Lounge

    The whole city might be witnessing a downpour but one can definitely visit Ninja Lounge in order to re-create the famous course in Ninja Warrior and have unlimited fun.

    Visit A Perfect Art Cinema

    It might be raining cats and dogs outside but it cannot restrain one from expanding their horizons by visiting the famous art cinemas in the city, including Tower Theater, O Cinema, Cinematheque, to name a few. Such experience of visiting these art cinemas is certainly going to leave one elevated.

    Visit The Museums

    A visit to the museum too is very exciting since one is refreshed about his knowledge about Miami. Perez Art Museum is particularly liked by the people because of its breathtaking view and the availability of a restaurant serving scrumptious food.

    Go Swimming

    It might sound queer but the experience of swimming when the light rain is pouring down can offer a magical experience. One could feel the fun and excitement by participating in such sport. However, one needs to be assured that the sky exhibits no signs of lightning.

    Visit Arcade Odyssey

    The place will certainly make you nostalgic as you will have a chance to re-live your childhood memories here by playing StarWars or AC/DC pinball. In fact, there are 131 different varieties of video games along with the pinball machines that make the whole experience unforgettable and fun-filled.

    Visit Turkish And Russian Baths

    This is certainly a hidden indoor activity that very few people know about. One just goes back into the traditional era as they step inside the basement of Design Suites at famous Miami Beach. And, after a short walk one could find the grottos that have all sorts of mud baths, steam rooms, waterfalls, cold plunges. Moreover, one could also experience the traditional treatment of relaxation which is called ‘platza’, in which they are beaten up with different tree branches by people. It sounds weird but it is worth trying once.

    Experience The Fun Of Escaping From A Panic Room

    People find the concept of panic room really intriguing as they are completely engrossed in this activity. They are actually enclosed in an area and are given some clues to get out of that confined space in a limited amount of time, failing which they are made to suffer all sorts of mentally tough situations. Basically, the rooms in which the people are enclosed have various themes including Medieval times, etc. and the sole motive is to teach the people to think in a creative manner.

    Try Ice Skating

    Ice Skating is not a bad option on a rainy day. One could learn the nitty-gritty of ice skating and enjoy this indoor sport at a number of venues including Kendall Ice Arena, Scott Rakow Youth Center, Edition’s basement rink, etc.

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