Restaurants in Miami

Sun, sand, and beach is what Miami is synonymous with, but adding in the equation is food. Miami houses some of the most amazing restaurants in the world. The following are a list of few restaurants in Miami that will give you a good dining experience: 

Vero Italian Restaurant

This is one of those restaurants where you just can’t go and eat once. You will find yourself coming back to this place. The carbonara served here is the best as compared to any other restaurants in Miami. The tiramisu is worth trying. The menu is creative and the names of the dishes are quirky, which makes you curious. It is located near the Consuladu of Peru.  The chef here says that they marinate the steak for three days before cooking to keep it fresh.

Toro Toro Restaurant

This restaurant will give you the ultimate dining experience. The food is spectacular, the atmosphere is amazing and the service is just perfect. The hot entrees, the salads, and the variety of seafood are the reasons that this place is so highly recommended. The restaurant is always full and that is why it can get a little difficult to make reservations, but once you get in, it will be worth all the effort.

The Capital Grille

Everything you order at this restaurant will be just the way you expect. It falls nothing short of your expectations. The extensive wine list, the prompt services, and of course, the best steak in the world, will make you want to visit this restaurant often. It is upscale and has the ambiance of traditional as well as classic style. It is a paradise for steak lovers as the steak in not only designed creatively but also made extremely tasty.


With the view of the Miami River and the smell of delicious food, this place makes for the best dinner occasion. The restaurant is so large that it feels like an industry. However, if you want to go for a night out, then this is just the place for you. Apart from the amazing food, they have the aura and scenario of beauty filled at all places, which makes this place what it is.

Five Guys

This place is like heaven for burger lovers. They are known for serving the best burger and fries in Miami. The taste is exquisite and the best part is you won’t have to wait too long to place your order. It is quick, tasty, and efficient. It works well for a quick bite when you are working. It is not about the interior or the decor so much as it is about the quality and the taste of the food.  The beef burgers are quite famous here and people are known to order this the most.

Bombay Darbar

As the name suggests, Bombay Darbar gives an Indian feel to its food. For people who love Indian food, this place is divine. It is pretty busy on a Monday night so you may avoid going there on that day, but otherwise, this place is great. For a rich Indian culinary experience in Miami, this is your go-to place.