• Raisins for Skin Care

    Raisins are very exotic products available in the nature’s lap. Often it is been used as a snack with a glass of beer. Not only that, it is also used for cooking several dishes. Many ice creams consist of this particular type of grape. The taste of this fruit defines the love people have for raisins. Consuming raisins can prove to be extremely helpful fighting problems such as constipation and gastrointestinal. Have you ever wondered about its qualities that can also be used for taking care of our skin? If you have not stressed in this particular aspect then now is the time to recheck the benefits of raisins for our skin.

    Skin care

    Prevention of skin cancer

    Raisins are a high source of antioxidant cateching. This particular antioxidant destroys tumorous and cancerous cells. Therefore, it protects our skin from getting cancer affected. With the tremendous increase in pollution levels across the globe, raisins have become a must use item for preventing skin cancer.

    Prevention of aging signs

    Most of the signs of aging are caused because of the loss of collagen protein from our tissues. Raisins rebuild the amount of collagen and also fix the elastin protein that holds the skin tightly and prevents the loosening of the skin. Thus, signs of aging can be prevented if raisins are used as a skin care product.

    It repairs skin

    Skin cells are often damaged because of the harmful pollutants present in the atmosphere. Applying raisin extracts on the skin prevents any damage to the skin cells. Raisins have rich vitamin contents in it; as a result dead cells are removed from the tissue and are replaced by new ones.

    Makes the skin flawless

    Consumption of raisins helps in purifying the blood. All the toxic components of the blood are cleared from the body. This results in the skin to look flawless. Any skin disease is cured by the nutrients present in raisins. Hence, the skin attains a natural glow, and it looks refreshing.

    Guards skin from sun burn

    Raisins are a high source of antioxidants, which helps the skin from getting burnt in the scorching heat of the sun.

    Raisin consists of various nutritious elements that help to keep our health good. If raisins can be consumed daily, it yields quite a number of benefits that are helpful in the long run. The extracts derived from raisins can be mixed with lemon extracts and applied on the skin for getting the best results. Take raisins along with using our Vine Vera products to get the best results. If it’s a smooth glowing skin that you desire, here is one way to go about it!

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