• Miami’s Top Class Barbecue Spots Offering Mouth Watering Food

    View Of Mouth Watering Food

    Miami has always been an adventurous and exciting place to visit because of a number of options that it has to provide. There is a dazzling array of markets, entertainment centers, historical spots, natural gardens, etc. And, equally entrancing is the culinary scene here, since the place is bedecked with a great variety of restaurants specializing in all sorts of cuisines. In fact, people are spoilt for choices when they choose the option of dining out. And, there is no scarcity of spots when it comes to barbecue options. So, here is a list of top class barbecue spots in Miami offering lip-smacking food.


    Shorty’s has been serving people for a long time now, and the place is almost revered among the old generations, since they grow nostalgic on seeing the exact interiors, as well as the same rejuvenating taste of the dishes that carries them through their childhood. One could get such dishes here as butter-basted corn, fresh grilled meats, to name a few.

    People’s Bar-B-Que

    People’s Bar-B-Que in Overtown is an unmistakable spot that serves amazingly authentic dishes and a great barbecue experience. What intrigues the diners is the tangy mustard sauce that goes well with all sorts of dishes including beans and rice, ribs, etc.

    Uncle Tom’s Barbecue

    Uncle Tom’s Barbecue has been recognized as the best barbecue spot in America, which is a great achievement for the spot. The place does live up to the expectations of the tourists though by serving them compellingly fresh and appetizing dishes. The trademark item is the Uncle Tom’s BBQ Sauce, which is decidedly the pick of the lot. The popularity of the spot can be gauged from the fact that it is now opened in two more locations namely, Hialeah and Pinecrest, besides the original location at Coral Gables.

    The Pit BBQ

    The Pit BBQ is a great spot located at Tamiami Trail. The place offers sumptuous gator burgers, along with gator sausage, plus the ever-charming deep-fried crunchy gator bites. Also, Blackjack Oak is used to smoke all the meat.

    Skebo’s Kitchen BBQ

    Skebo’s Kitchen BBQ at Opa Locka is always teeming with people; however, the wait here is worth, since one is rewarded with the best barbecue sandwiches. The ribs are super-authentic as they are smoked in front of people, and after chopping with perfection, they are further soaked in the special barbecue sauce. So, the rib sandwich of this place definitely deserves to be tried.

    Bulldog Barbecue

    Bulldog Barbecue is helmed by Top Chef Howie Kleinberg, and has carved a niche for itself when it comes to serving best brisket, and incredulous burgers.

    Sparky’s Roadside Barbecue

    Beware! Don’t go by the word ‘Roadside’ in the name of the restaurant, since it is strategically located at the centre of the Downtown, right next to the unmistakable Metromover stop. The place is always thronged by people since they couldn’t resist savouring the refreshing culinary delights here. Apart from this, the menu is genuinely inventive as one is rewarded with such exotic dishes as mojo barbecue pork leg, chopped duck sandwiches, and smoked fried chicken, to name a few. Moreover, there are other dishes as well including jerk chicken, veggie burger, etc.

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