• Miami’s Most Appetizing And Appealing Newly Opened Restaurants

    People Ordering At The Restaurant

    For the people of Miami, dining outside is a pleasure since, the restaurants in Miami never fail to stand up to their expectations of providing them the most delicious food. People are spoilt for choices when it comes to eating a variety of food from different cuisines. Most of them have favourite set spots where they would go to enjoy their most cherished meals. However, there are some promising newly opened restaurants in the area that give a clear competition to the old and established restaurants. So, people who are accustomed to eat at specific places only should consider dining at these restaurants once in order to feel the difference. Some of these most appetizing and appealing newly opened restaurants in Miami are listed here.

    Baby Jane

    Baby Jane has come up with the efforts of Michael Beltran, Jason Odio and Ariete who already have another restaurant called Coconut Grave as well. The place used to be an Irish pub before and thus, it still attracts a lot of crowd at night time. The food items are served in small plates actually, but this has obviously no relation with their taste, which is too appetizing to resist. One could choose from a number of options including creamy burrata cheese, steak tartare, foie gras croquettes, to name but a few. The drink menu is even more appealing as one could order house-made shrubs, tonics and bitters.

    Bulla Gastrobar

    Bulla Gastrobar in Doral is the second endeavour of the owners of the restaurants as the first one is located in Coral Gables. Doral is an excellent location for a restaurant to be, and this, along with the scintillating food offered at the restaurant ensure that the place is always teeming with visitors who are full of excitement. Professionals are always looking for a chance to be a part of the restaurants, as the head chef Miguel Rebolledo leaves no stone unturned in bringing the best for the people of Miami. His Spanish origins enable him to provide the people with the tempting dishes including pan con tomate, Cubano Iberico, etc.

    The Spillover

    The restaurant mainly focuses upon providing the seafood to the people. One could eat lobster prepared along with condiments and other accompaniments like mayo, a house-made ingredient, Miami Smokers Bacon and challah sandwiches made of bread.

    Zest Miami

    Zest Miami has come up with the effort of the chef Cindy Huston, who also happens to own “Cuisine of the Sun” in the financial area of the downtown towards the southeast. One could find a wide variety of dishes and cocktails here.

    Sushi Garage

    The restaurant is run by Alexandra Millan and Jonas, along with Sunny, the chef of the restaurant, who is basically the main guiding force. The menu is varied and includes some forgotten dishes including truffle nigiri and tuna chicharron.

    The Bunker At 1826

    The Bunker At 1826 is a place where you could find food, drinks, along with the added advantage of the perfect musical system that tempts one to dance. The menu includes a wide range of choice including the Dre’s mildly fried chicken, watermelon maple, catfish that is blackened and is accompanied with the mango strawberry sauce.

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