• Miami’s Iconic Landmarks That Have Managed To Evade Destruction

    View Of Cape Florida Lighthouse

    Miami is one of those cities in the world that have managed to preserve its rich cultural heritage. The buildings here are very old and in the original shape and architecture, which always amass the aesthetic appreciation from the tourists. So, some of Miami’s iconic landmarks that have managed to evade destruction and preserve their pristine beauty have been included here.

    The Ancient Spanish Monastery

    The Ancient Spanish Monastery has an intriguing story. The building is as old as the 12 century and was located originally in Segovia in Spain. However, William Randolph Hearst had some other plans with the building as he embarked upon the tedious task of bringing this architectural delight to the US. It was not until 1925 though that the buildings was brought and installed in Miami. All throughout the years it has managed to retain its original architecture and charm. It is a great place to get married in Miami now.

    The Atlantis Condominium

    The unique design of the building instantly catches the attention of the tourists. It came up with the efforts of the builders Arquitectonica, and is easily recognizable by the tourists because of its ‘palm court’. The building is five storied and has spiral staircase, palm tree, and Jacuzzi. The style of the building is truly inimitable.

    The Bacardi Building

    The Bacardi Building is another marvellous example of swift mobilization of the buildings by preservationists. Due to these efforts the building has managed to retain its matchless design that was the creation of Enrique Gutierrez, a Cuban architect who designed it in 1963. The building came up in Coral Gables in the year 2009, and since then it has managed to attract a number of visitors. Moreover, the building is now an educational campus, courtesy the efforts of “The National YoungArts Foundation.”

    Cape Florida Lighthouse

    Cape Florida Lighthouse is an iconic landmark of Miami that is even older than Miami by half a century. This is the oldest surviving building that braved the US war that was fought with Seminole Indians. The building was completely reconstructed in 1846, though the subtle architectural design of the building that got built in 1825 was retained.

    Churchill’s Pub

    Churchill’s Pub has been entertaining the locals and the tourists ever since its inception in 1979. Considering the ephemeral presence of the other musical venues in Miami, the place has always managed to excite and intrigue the tourists.

    The Colony Hotel

    The Colony Hotel with its electric and attractive blue neon lights is a treat to watch at night. This is a landmark that no one would miss. Moreover, it has the distinction of being among the first of the Art Deco hotels that came up near the beach.

    Biltmore Hotel And The Venetian Pool

    The Venetian Pool is in the Biltmore Hotel that enjoys the distinction of being the only hotel in Miami that is designated to be the National Historic Landmark. The hotel was the favourite destination of Franklin Roosevelt. Moreover, the Venetian Pool in the hotel is still the largest freshwater pool of the country. Most of the people remember it for aquatic galas that was organised here in ‘30s.

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