• Miami’s Finest Restaurants That Serve Irresistible And Tempting Sushi

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    Miami is a happening place that is always teeming with tourist. The hospitality industry here is well-developed and people are fortunate to eat a number of culinary delights here, that are not only from Miami but from all over the world. That is, the authentic taste of the dishes from all over the world could be experienced here. The situation is no different for Sushi, as there are a number of eating joints here that serve really appetizing and irresistible Sushi. Some of these spots are listed here.


    Makoto takes its name from the chef ‘Makoto Okuwa’ who excels in providing perfect Sushi to the diners. The fish arrives from Japan three times in a week, and this raw fish is then done to perfection by the experience chef. The result is that the best Miami Sushi is made available to people.


    Zuma is a place that has carved a niche for itself in serving quality stuff to the diners. This is the reason why the place is always teeming with people. People generally have to wait endlessly but they don’t regret waiting that long as the taste of the Sushi is too compelling to complain about the long waiting period.

    Pubbelly Sushi

    Pubbelly Sushi has excelled in providing quality dishes to people, and this is the reason why people are spoilt for choices at this eating joint. The place has carved a niche for itself for serving not only the best beef dishes but also in providing the amazing Sushi to people. The chefs here are creative and keep on trying a number of combinations to enhance the dining experience of people.


    Perhaps there wouldn’t be any foodie in Miami who wouldn’t know about this eating joint. The foodies have invariably voted this place as the best place for eating Sushi. People are amazed to find the authentic flavour of Sushi served here.


    Katsuya got its name from the chef Katsuya Uechi. The place has become a popular spot among the people who are looking to eat best varieties of Sushi. Moreover, people also like to sit in the lounge upstairs that is prepared in Asia-chic dragon style.


    Matsuri is also gaining recognition among the foodies as the place offers best variety of Sushi with amazing cuts including hotate yaki, yaki ika, otoro, and madai, to name a few.

    Fung Ku

    Fung Ku offers tourists luscious and delicious Sushis that are prepared conscientiously by the team of experienced chefs here.

    Sushi House

    Sushi House is a grand place for eating that always has space for the diners to sit and relax while munching their best food. The Sushi here is not an exception, and the restaurant is gaining popularity day by day regarding the best food that it offers to the visitors.

    Toni’s Sushi

    Toni’s Sushi is an unassuming place that attracts fewer tourists. However, the locals have started to realize the quality of the Sushi served here, and this is the reason why the number of return visitors is always day by day here. Apart from this the customer service is spotless as well.

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