• How to Prevent Cold Sores Naturally?

    The reason behind the cold sores is the virus known as HSV-1. When we are suffering from fever, our immune system is weakened. As a result, the viruses enter our body and infect our immunity. Not only the fever causes the cold sores to happen but often it is spread to our body from the person who already had been affected by the virus. Kissing the affected person can lead to the generation of the viruses into your mouth. As a result, you are also affected by cold sores. It is often seen that most of the sores appear around the lips just some days before the party, you are about to attend. What can be done at such a time for getting rid of the cold sores? Well, in this article we would look deep into the matter and find out the several natural techniques for getting rid of cold sores.

    Cold sore

    It is natural for the cold sores to stay on the face for about two weeks. There are many medicines available that cures the cold sores completely. But apart from them the nature has provided with certain elements that can cure the sores and prevent them from occurring again.

    Rub an ice cube on the affected area

    Ice is the cheapest natural product available. It is a very popular for its anti-inflammable properties and antiseptic features. Rubbing an ice cube on the sore affected area can kill the germs and provide relieve from the irritation caused by the cold sores.

    Keep your hands off and do not touch the cold sores

    It is a natural instinct to touch the cold sores, because of the irritation caused by those sores. To avoid any further irritation, it is advised not to touch the sores and to let them reside alone.

    Consume foods rich in lysine

    Medical scientists have figured out that lysine is the amino acid that plays a major role in curing cold sores. The foods that are rich in lysine content are meat, fish, dairy products, beans, etc.

    Avoid eating foods that are acidic in nature

    Not all viruses are killed by acids. The HSV-1 virus grows very fast when it comes in contact with any acid. Therefore, avoiding the consumption of acidic food is a must step for getting rid of cold sores. Try to stay away from lemon, oranges, etc.

    If you are been infected by the herpes virus, then the tips that have been mentioned above can come in handy. These tips would not only help you to fight against the viruses, but these would also kill the germs from within. As a result, the pathogens would not be able to regenerate with time.

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