• Greatest Hikes In Miami Offering Completely Unforgettable Experience

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    Miami has a number of national parks and national preserves in its vicinity that makes it a perfect place to explore nature. So, besides the great tourist spots in the city, there is an equally appealing number of hikes that are sure to rejuvenate the tourists. This is the reason why locals take regular breaks from their hectic routine and set out on their foot to explore the pristine and rugged mountains in Miami. In fact, Miami is a gateway to Big Cypress National Preserve and Everglades National Park. The best part about hiking in these natural spots is that there is the availability of both easy as well as challenging hikes. So, here are some of the topmost hikes in Miami that must be explored by people.

    A.D. Barnes Park

    The best thing about A.D. Barnes Park is that the trails are well-marked and paved here. Moreover, the location of the park makes it a hit among the visitors too. People are invariably amazed to locate the original pine rocklands here that are a native to this area.

    Anhinga Trail

    Anhinga Trail is basically a place offering the first insight into the beautiful Everglades National Park. The best part about the trail is that it is a short trail. Moreover, it has the alligators too. So, one could always take their kids along with them.

    Arch Creek Park

    Arch Creek Park has a number of gentle trails that take one into the dark recesses of the forests. The thrill of exploring the dark forests is simply unsurpassed.

    Bayshore Loop

    Bayshore Loop provides tourists a peep into the Florida Bay. The experience of traversing through the mangrove-lined paths is simply amazing. Moreover, one also comes across a prairie habitat here, which is quite appealing to the eyes. Tourists are always thrilled to explore the pristine beauty of nature, and the unparalleled aura of the fishing village here.

    Bear Cut Preserve

    Bear Cut Preserve is a precious jewel of Miami that is basically a natural oceanfront site. It is located in Crandon Park on Atlantic Ocean’s shores, and is suitable for both biking as well as hiking.

    Bear Lake Trail

    Bear Lake Trail is another equally appealing trail that takes the people through soothing and beautiful mangrove forests that invariably charm the people with their hypnotic appeal.

    Big Cypress National Preserve

    Big Cypress National Preserve has always enjoyed a roaring popularity, ever since it came into being in 1974. Tourists get a chance to wade through the pristine swamps or paddle through the channelized waters in the rivers while exploring this lush green subtropical landscape.

    Bill Sadowski Park

    Bill Sadowski Park is another great location for hiking. The Old Cutler Hammock Nature Trail provides people a chance to get a glimpse into the original shape of the Cutler Ridge here.

    Bobcat Boardwalk

    Bobcat Boardwalk is teeming with tourists during spring and winter season, as people love to explore the dazzling array of nesting and migratory birds who visit this spot. The mile is just 0.3 mile long and is located in Shark Valley.

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