Florida Overview

The Sunshine State attracts travelers with its abundant activities for fun and relaxation; excellent opportunities for boating, scuba diving, fishing, surfing and snorkeling; world famous theme parks, a beautiful culture and rich architecture. There is no doubt that Florida is one of the strangest states in the United States of America, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Florida is a place where fantasy meets reality, a place where it is quite possible to find an alligator in your backyard or sands that are as white as sugar.


A single glance at what Florida has to offer is more than enough to understand why Walt Disney chose the Sunshine State over all others for his iconic theme park, Disney World. Florida is the place where all your childhood dreams come true as well as a place where you can enjoy some of the best sun and sand holidays in the world. Cities like Miami ensure that there’s never a dearth of sexy and sultry nightlife while historical sites like St. Augustine takes tourists all the way back to colonial era Spain.

The state completely revolves around tourism and you can always expect a host of tourist centric amenities wherever you go. The rich seafood is another delight with treats like stone crabs and lobsters being served right out of the sea. The hotels also come in all shapes and sizes and cater to travelers with all sorts of budgets.

Florida is also famous for its balmy weather. Being the most southeastern state in the United States of America, it manages to offer a humid subtropical climate towards the north and a tropical climate in the south. The state is famous for its mild winters and long and hot summers, that make it a year-round haven for travelers from all over the world.

The state might have sold itself as a seaside paradise, but that vision can sometimes disappear, particularly while visiting world class cities like Miami or exploring the man-made wonders of Orlando. However, the natural beauty of the state still manages to hold onto its historic charm and offer guests with creature filled locations, beautiful beaches and even better views.

Miami Beautiful Beaches

Some prefer to visit Florida for those wild Miami parties, some come here for the world famous Everglades National Park, some like to stick to the beaches while others cannot resist Mickey Mouse and his antics or the secluded surroundings of Big Pine Key. Whether you like fun-filled activities, wildlife, culture, nightlife, cuisines, natural beauty, beaches or romantic destinations, Florida never ceases to amaze.

The best way to explore Florida is to rent your own car. You can easily find a number of car rentals at the airports or in the downtown areas. Rental vehicles allow you to explore the true beauty of the state – the beauty that can be seen in its coastal byways and country side towns.

While in Florida, don’t skip out on things like the beautiful beaches of Sanibel Island, gorgeous sights of Florida Keys and Key West, wild South Beach parties of Miami, world famous theme parks of Orlando, exotic wildlife of the Everglades or the historic downtown area of St. Augustine.