• Finest Restaurants In Miami Serving Irresistible Sea Food

    Picture Of Sea Food

    Miami has recently witnessed an incredible expansion in the hospitality industry. Suddenly, the place is buzz with activity as there is a huge proliferation of restaurants here serving all sorts of dishes that are native to a number of countries in the world. And, naturally, as the place is surrounded by the water body one is bound to see a number of spots offering seafood to the expectant diners. However, there are some restaurants that stand out from others when it comes to providing appetizing and lip-smacking seafood, and incite the yearning among the visitors to re-visit the place. Some of these incredible spots are listed here.

    Captain Jim’s Seafood Market Restaurant

    Captain Jim’s Seafood Market Restaurant in North Miami got a new lease of life when the new owners came up with novel and innovative ideas. The chefs here are not only experimental but also adept in preparing the perfectly done dishes. So, one is bound to get excellent quality food here, including the best grits and shrimp in the city. Moreover, non-seafood items are unforgettable as well.

    Surf And Turf

    Surf And Turf is an unassuming spot in Brickell that greets the tourists with amazingly fresh and tender seafood. The crab claws here are so fresh and soft. Moreover, the shrimp quesadillas served here are surprisingly spectacular and gave a tough competition to the shrimps offered in other old and renowned restaurants elsewhere in Miami. And then, there is ceviche, which is equally appealing, fresh, and flavourful. Unfailingly, finding this unpretentious spot always comes as a pleasant surprise for the diners.

    Casablanca Seafood Bar And Grill

    The place is a favourite place of the elites who enjoy the upscale menu here. The signature dish is the crab-stuffed lobster, which is too tempting to resist. And then, there is the extraordinary raw bar that is inundated with quality tiraditos and ceviches.

    Garcia’s Seafood Grille And Fish

    Garcia’s is in the neighbourhood of Casabblanca in Riverside, and these two spots compete with each other to provide top-notch quality food and services. So much so, that the foodies are always in quandary as to which spot is the better. One is greeted with the panoramic and picturesque views of the Miami Skyline and Miami River from this restaurant, along with savouring the best quality seafood here.

    Izzy’s Fish And Oyster

    Izzy’s Fish And Oyster in Sofi has come to be regarded as one of the best spots for seafood in a very short time, and the success behind this popularity goes to the ingenuous and innovative chefs here. The restaurant offers a dazzling array of oysters, along with experimental dishes including lobster poutine. Moreover, there are plenty of amazing Boston-themed drinks here, along with the irresistible and scrumptious burgers.

    Lure Fishbar

    Lure Fishbar at South Beach is a hugely popular restaurant among the tourists. The restaurant has carved a niche for itself when it comes to offering incredible variety of perfectly done seafood dishes. One gets to taste such dishes here as nori-crusted tuna, and miso-glazed salmon, to name a few. And then, there is always a dazzling array of inventive cocktails that act as the best companions along with the lip-smacking seafood.

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