• Exploring Topmost Places In Miami Beach That Are Suitable For Running

    View Of South Beach

    The best thing about Miami is that it is surrounded by water from all sides. Well, this means a lot to some who simply love to be flanked with water all the time. There are people who love to see the wide expanse of vast sea and simply gape with awe and astonishment at this amazing natural wonder. Besides, they love to hit the beach in order to feel those fresh and invigorating winds blowing near the beach. Moreover, running could be really fun at Miami Beach simply because one could casually put off their shoes and feel the great sand under their feet. The whole body feels refreshed, and mind in particular, feels completely exhilarated. So, here are topmost spots in Miami Beach that are perfect for running.

    The Beach

    One of the finest spots to run on Miami Beach is the beach itself. Well, the experience is simply stunning as one gets those amazing views of the sea while heading either north or south. Besides, running on beach is healthy as there is no pressure on the joints. Another benefit of running on soft sand is that all the muscles get activated then. So, the sweeping views of the surrounding and amazingly refreshing experience are the plus points of running on the beach.

    Atlantic Way

    While some people love the idea of running on the sands, there are others who are not accustomed to do so. So, such kind of people could head towards Atlantic Way. It is basically a sold brick path running parallel to the ocean. So, one could cover 1.5 mile run by heading to the south and coming back. However, people with greater stamina could always choose to run towards the southern end, as it extends 7.5 miles. So, one could simply invigorate himself by treading upon this path. Besides this, one gets to see some startling sand dunes towards the east. Also, there are some great hotels as well that one comes across, including the unmistakable hotel Hilton Cabana.

    North Shore Open Space Park

    North Shore Open Space Park is actually a tropical forest. So, it provides a welcome change of imagery to the runners as they get to see the dense forests and experience some wildlife here. So, they get a break from seeing the ubiquitous sea, sand, and other buildings that could be eyed from Miami Beach. Visitors love to traverse through the dense trails that are flanked by tall grape trees whose canopies provide a welcome respite from the scorching sun. Tourists are invariably amazed to discover this hidden treasure. It is a perfect place to relax and meditate. Nature lovers particularly love this spot as they get a chance to commune with nature. Besides, there is a 4 mile track to run as well.

    Indian Creek

    Indian Creek is located towards the south past Collins Avenue. Indian Creek is actually a little waterway that stands in between the great Miami Beach Island and Biscayne Point. It is a great place to run. Moreover, one gets to see some posh homes on Miami Beach along with some mega yachts.

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