• Exploring Great Locations In Miami That Are Suitable For Kids

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    There have been a lot of changes in Miami that have made it a truly remarkable place for visitors. And when it comes to kids, Miami has definitely got them covered as it has plenty of spots that are suitable for kids. Here are some of the great tourist destinations in Miami that are perfectly suited to kids.

    Zoo Miami

    Zoo Miami saw its inception in 1948, and was then known as Crandon Park Zoo. It also got the name Miami Metrozoo at some stage. The authorities here work with the twin purpose of conserving the animals and educating the masses. There are around 100 exhibits housing 500 species of animals, including around 40 endangered species. It is a perfect spot for kids as there are a number of facilities available for them, including camel rides, ‘Children’s Zoo Wacky Barn,’ and ‘Samburu Giraffe Feeding Station,’ to name a few.

    Jungle Island

    Jungle Island is another great place to visit for kids as there are plenty of animals shows organised here. It earlier started as Parrot Jungle but has now undergone a lot of transformation as it now has 1100 tropical birds. Besides, there are equally great number of flowers and plants as well. The rich flora and fauna instantly inspire the visitors. Kids love feeding the parrots at the aviary. They also like to watch entertaining shows in the amphitheatres. Moreover, a number of reptiles, primates, and big cats are also found here, as one could find babies of captive tigers and lions here, which are too adorable to miss.

    Miami Children’s Museum

    Miami Children’s Museum is in close proximity to Jungle Island. The best part about visiting the place is the availability of a number of interactive and innovative exhibits here. For instance, kids get a chance to learn about a great deal of things here including food shopping, banking, recording music, etc. Moreover, there are plenty of activities for adventure loving active kids as there is a sand castle, water play, and a big rock climbing wall. Kids also get a chance to go aboard replica of the cruise ship. Besides, there is a hospital as well for kids to act various roles of doctors, nurses, etc. All these fun activities always keep the kids completely engrossed.

    Oleta River State Park

    Oleta River State Park is a scintillating spot which is loved by kids and active adults. The trails here experience cool breeze and lovely shades. The mountain bike trails span fifteen miles and offer thoroughly rejuvenating experience. The bikes, gears, and other accessories are readily available at Blue Moon Outdoor Center. Not only this, one could also lease kayaks and canoes if they intend to explore the black waters that are full of fish nurseries and native wildlife. Full Moon Expedition is one of the most popular expeditions among kids and adults.

    Biscayne Nature Center

    Biscayne Nature Center is another great spot that satiates the desires of curious visitors. Visitors can do a number of things including catching the star fish, sea horses, and sea urchins in order to examine them closely. There are other fabulous programs as well.

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