• Experiencing The Beauty Of Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, Miami

    View Of Tropical Botanic Garden

    Miami is a vibrant city in Florida that is known for its pulsating nightlife and beautiful architecture. People are straightaway attracted to the buzz of the city and the quaint architecture of the buildings. They are enchanted to see the authentic Cuban culture that they could find in the cigar shops, cafes and restaurants in Miami. However, there are several destinations at Miami that make it a hot spot to visit among the nature lovers. Apart from its beautiful beaches there is the Fairchild Tropic Botanic Garden that exudes in serenity and tranquillity, and lives up to the expectations of the visitors who come here to take a break from their hectic life. Here are some of the features of the garden that make it one of the most frequently visited destinations in Miami.

    Exotic Varieties Of Plants

    One of the prime features of Fairchild Tropic Botanic Garden in Miami is the availability of all sorts of plants here. Dr. Fairchild made a lot of contribution in making this garden a reality, and he travelled to all the continents in the world, barring Antarctica, in order to get all sorts of varieties of plants from the world that could be prove to be beneficial to the Americans. As a result, one could find exotic varieties of plants here that may be from Asia, Africa, or even Australia.

    Tranquil And Aromatic Environment

    Another attractive feature of the place is its tranquil atmosphere. The place abounds in natural beauty as one could find ample opportunities to commune with nature here. One could simply get lost in the woods and in the amazing varieties of trees and plants here in order to discover about their true nature.

    Apart from this, the conglomeration of a wide variety of trees and plants produce make the air aromatic as one could smell the pleasant aroma wafting through the plants and trees. Such an atmosphere is sure to hypnotize the visitors.

    Great Variety Of Orchid Trees

    Another endeavour of the people that have borne fruit for the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is the effort of the American Orchid Society to bring in all sorts of orchids here. The relentless determination of the members of the society has ensured that the place is now full of local orchids here. Among the amazing variety of orchids and plants here is ferns, tillandsia, calathias, gingers, breadfruit, kava kava, stilt palms, Seychelles, begonias, costas, and vireya rhododendrons, to name a few.

    Simons Rainforest

    Another striking beauty of the place is the rainforest created by none other than Richard H. Simons in 2000. The rainforest is named after him, and is a prime example of tropical rainforest in the garden which has amazing varieties of plants. Visitors are fascinated to witness four levels of the rainforest that they could explore. Whereas the topmost level contains the tallest and fastest growing trees, one could locate almost half of the plant species worldwide in the second level. And then, there is the third level called the ‘understory’ which has very little sunlight. Finally, there is the fourth and the final level where one could locate the nutrients of the decaying animals and plants.

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