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Miami, one of the most famous cities in the Southeastern United Stares, is the largest metropolitan area in the Sunshine State. The most Latin city in the world (after Mexico) is also home to the world famous South Beach, one of the most stunning areas in the world. Miami was once known to be a simple citrus farming town. It began to transform itself when the Caribbean immigrants and Jewish Holocaust survivors came together to mix in with the locals and transform the state into what it is today. The fact that Flagler’s railroad connected it to the rest of the continent for the first time in 1896 also helped. Miami is famous for its sexy people and sexier parties, that would put the covers of most tabloids to shame. Miami is weird. But, in its weirdness lies its true beauty. It is by far the most intoxicating city in America and one of the most beautiful ones as well. Irrespective of what you like –sunshine, sports, music or dance – Miami manages to sizzle and delight you with its exciting venues and uber-cool attractions.

If you are asked to name only one famous place of the South-eastern US, it would undoubtedly be Miami. The largest metropolitan of the sunshine state, Miami is a wonderful city to enjoy with your loved one. Once known for its simple citrus farming, Miami has stunned the world with its exotic natural wonders which are so very Latin in flavor yet is the perfect match with the modern civilization. As a history goes, the Jewish holocaust survivors and the Caribbean immigrants came to the place and made it what it is today. They mixed with the existing locals of the place and transformed the entire place. The little touch of weirdness, read as originality, makes Miami different from the rest of the world. Its uber-cool destinations and major tourist attractions have kept on swirling tourists from all across the globe.

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But apart from these indoor and outdoor exotic vacation sprees, Miami is even loved by the shopaholics. Starting from small handicraft shops to retail shops and large malls, Miami has it all. The Dadeland Mall, the most popular Mall of the city, experience thousands of footfalls every year. It is located in the Kendall suburb in Dadeland. Covering an area of about 535000 sq.ft., it is almost 20 miles away from the downtown area. This Dadeland Mall has as many as 185 stores each of which is international brands. Needless to say, there are a plethora of options for eateries and restaurants along with a huge food court. World class brands like Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, JCPenney anchors this Mall.

Since this mall is just the right size, you can experience less frantic shoppers, unlike the other international malls. Dadeland Mall is so special because it isn’t too big, nor too small. It seems to offer the perfect size for a mall and you can also expect less frantic shoppers at the mall. Most visitors love the fact that it has a single storey and that the food court is quite amazing as well. It has the facility for valet parking although parking is never an issue here. Banana Republic, J. Crew, Rolex, Porsche Design, Michael Kors and Hugo Boss, Zara, Victoria’s Secret are the major international brand found in the mall. Nonetheless, there are small boutique shops as well to suit your pocket, just in case!

The parties and restaurant scene might rank among the most happening activities in Miami, but shopping doesn’t fall back far behind. The city is home to all sorts of stores, outlets, malls, boutiques and designers and it is quite possible to find all sorts of goods and products in Miami. One of the most famous shopping malls in Miami is the Dadeland Mall, a huge shopping mall located in the Kendall suburb in Dadeland. The mall covers an area of 535000 sq. ft. and lies at a distance of 20 miles from the downtown area. Dadeland Mall is home to approximately 185 stores, 16 full service restaurants and eateries as well as a food court. It is anchored by world class brands like Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom and JCPenney.

The Vine Vera Miami store here is rated as the top Vine Vera store in entire US. What you can expect here is the ultra luxurious comfort zone where you can look for the perfect skin care products. The skin care professional will help to get the best-needed product depending on your need. Also, you can opt for free sample products and free facials.  The Vine Vera Miami Store is located in the Dadeland Mall. It ranks among the top Vine Vera stores in the US and offers customers with a relaxed ambiance and luxurious interiors. The Vine Vera Store is a perfect match for anyone looking for effective skin care products for their particular skin type. It has become famous among its customers for delightful services, numerous freebies like free facials, free skin consultations and free product trials and a superior skin care experience.

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I found Vine Vera’s store location extremely strategic. One of the most famous and happening cities in the Southeastern United Stares is Miami which is also Sunshine State’s largest metropolitan city. After Mexico, it is the second most Latin city and home to the famous South Beach which is a stunning and extravagant area not to be found anywhere else. Though this city was nothing but a simple citrus farming town in the olden days, it transformed completely when Jewish Holocaust survivors and Carribean immigrants came into this city and mixed with the locals making it what it is today. This city was connected with the rest of the continent in 1896 via the Flagler’s railroad. It hosts some of the most amazing parties ever and its true beauty lies in the fact that it is one of the most intoxicating cities in the whole of America.

Though it is the parties and the restaurants that make Miami a happening place, shopping does not fall back far behind with some of the best stores, malls, boutiques, designers and malls being home to Miami. Speaking of malls, the Dadeland Mall happens to be one of the most popular ones which is located in Dadeland’s Kendall suburb. It covers a humongous area of 535000 sq. ft. and is 20 miles away from the downtown area. With approximately 185 stores, 16 restaurants and eateries and a huge food court, this mall is anchored by some top brands such as JCPenney, Nordstorm, Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue.

The reason this mall is so special and unique is that it has a single storey only and customers do not have to frantically run up and down while finding stores of their choice. You will find some major brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Zara, J.Crew, Banana Republic, Porsche Design, Rolex, Hugo Boss and Michael Kors in this mall where parking is never a problem with valet parking being easily available.

You will also find our Vine Vera Miami Store located in this very mall which is considered to be one of the top stores in the US as it offers luxurious interiors and a rejuvenating ambiance to all its customers. This store offers perfect skin care solutions to all customers after keeping in mind their specific skin type and issues being faced. With numerous delightful services such as in-house skin consultations, facials and product trials one simply cannot resist the experience. And to top it all, all these services are absolutely free!

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This was the third time that I was visiting Oregon and happened to be staying in the city of Miami this time. After having spent quality time with the kids at the Zoo, I finally wanted to give some time to myself and that is the reason I visited the Mall which is one of the best malls in the area.

After having shopped for clothes and accessories, I was looking for a skin care cosmetics store to purchase some good-quality products for my skin. As any other working woman, I do not have much time to dedicate to myself and wish to use the best of products in whatever little time I have for myself.

As I was new to the mall, I just entered my favorite clothes store and asked the female behind the counter as to which skin care cosmetics store would she recommended in the mall. Without thinking twice, she suggested the Vine Vera Store to me.

I found my way to the store and was quite surprised by the wonderful and lavish decor of the place that was visible from the outside. It was quite different from the other stores I had been to. A salesman was standing in front of the store and offering free samples to the passerby’s in a pleasant manner. Just one of the usual marketing skills I thought!

I went inside the store and was greeted by this salesgirl who asked me to be seated. I explained to her that I was looking to pick up some good-quality skin care products and needed her help on the same. She took me to another room where I was made to sit in front of another person. As soon as I started conversing with this other ‘person’ I realized that she was actually a skin care specialist who would help me analyze my skin and offer products which would be best for it.

Sure enough, I bought the products that she suggested and also promised to take care of my skin the way she asked me to but what amazed me was the way this brand gives utmost care and attention to each of its customers, makes them feel at ease and helps them discover new ways to take care of their skin in the best possible manner.

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Miami is one of the most popular shopping destinations in the US and Dadeland Mall is the best venue for shopping and nightlife in Miami, not only for me but also for thousands of tourists that visit Miami every month. Although I stay in Miami, and visit the Dadeland Mall time and again, I never got the opportunity to visit the Vine Vera Miami store at Dadeland Mall encircled by the other luxurious stores of the top international brands like J C Penny, Nordstrom and Macy’s. I have read about this Vine Vera store of Miami in a magazine and was quite impressed by the services and products offered at this store when I learnt about these from the magazine. I was fascinated on learning about the level of skincare services and solutions offered at this Vine Vera store, which ranged from complimentary analysis of skin to free sample of products and from free facials to discounted prices available for purchasing these products. So this time when I went to the Dadeland Mall, I had already made up my mind to visit the Vine Vera store at least once.

I already had a fair knowledge about the different kinds of Vine Vera skincare products, which comprised of a number of exclusive Vine Vera signature collections – the Vine Vera Zinfandel Collection, the Vine Vera Vitamin C Collection, the Vine Vera Chianti Collection and the Vine Vera Eye Collection. So, when I was welcomed graciously into the store by the store attendant, I felt somewhat comfortable as I was already familiar with the products to some extent. But still I got baffled by dazzling interiors of the store, which exuded an opulence of luxury and style, each corner of the store being decorated with precision. Even the wide display of the Vine Vera products was a unique sight to behold.

The store attendant inquired about my preferences regarding any specific Vine Vera product and I expressed my curiosity for the Vine Vera Vitamin C Collection. She began to explain me about this exclusive range of Vine Vera products. The Vine Vera Vitamin C Collection comprises of three remarkable products – the Vitamin C Day Cream, the Vitamin C Cleanser and the Vitamin C Peeling. The store attendant offered me a free skin analysis and after the required procedure was over, she informed me that unknowingly I have chosen the right collection of Vine Vera products for my skin. She applied a little amount of Vitamin C Day Cream onto my skin and I evidenced the drastic change in the texture of skin. I bought a new pack of it right then and decided to come back to this store once again.

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My visit to Portland would have been incomplete if I hadn’t visited the Vine Vera Portland store. Last Summer, I went to Oregon. One of the largest cities in the state of Oregon is Portland. With a population of more than 600000 people, this city is Pacific Northwest region’s third most populous city. Being a laid back and friendly city, it is considered to be a great city to reside in. A wide range of attractions, beautiful parks, natural delight, an electric nightlife and wonderful micro-breweries can be found in this city. You will also find a beautiful Japanese Garden in this city.

The city of Portland has a high level of sophistication attached to it and is quite famous for its rich culture, outdoor activities and adventures along with a thriving economy. This city has dry and warm summers while the winters are cool and wet, making it a comfortable environment. The city is also known as the ‘city of roses’ as it is an ideal place to grow roses all year round. You will find the internationally recognized International Rose Test Garden here too.

Small and charming neighborhoods along with a lively downtown make this city worth visiting and I was in for a treat. You can get hold of all sorts of delights and sights here. Nature lovers, cyclists, adventurists, outdoor enthusiasts and brewpub maniac can all find something to indulge in here. Some superb cafes can be found in the city while you can also experience a small-town atmosphere in certain areas of the city.

I remember visiting a plethora of places including the Oregon Zoo, Portland Japanese Garden, Washington Park, Pittock Museum and Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

When it comes to shopping, the Pioneer Place Mall is considered to be the best place to shop at as this urban shopping mall boasts of retail, dining, parking and commercial ventures spread over 4 blocks. The mall is spread over 4 buildings and is connected with the help of skywalks and underground mall sections. You are sure to get an amazing shopping and dining experience at this place. Since this mall is tax-free, it acts as the icing on the cake and makes it a must-visit for all visitors. Being anchored by Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s, Tiffany & Co. , this mall is also home to popular retail outlets such as Ann Taylor, Apple, Nine West, Coach, J. Crew, Bose, Aldo, Tory Burch, Kate Spade New York and Louis Vuitton to name a few.

You can also find the Vine Vera kiosk located in this very mall which offers skin care products and collections to all its customers even though it is unable to offer signature Vine Vera services such as in-house consultations and luxurious VIP facials using Vine Vera products. The kiosk can be found on the Lower Level of Zone A and is just the beauty destination that will help transform the way you look and feel!

Get the Best Skin Treatment at the Vine Vera Store in Miami
The Vine Vera store located in Dadeland Mall in Miami is one of the top rated stores for offering ultimate range of effective skin care products. The skin care products are made using a combination of different natural ingredients that can help your skin to get rid of discoloration, pigmentation, and other aging signs. The products have been made after an abundant research on the skin care ingredients that are used to make these products. They tested the products well before advertising in the market. Therefore, these products come with a guarantee that it will fight all the skin problems in an effective way. The presence of reseveratol in the skin care products makes it more unique. It stimulates the growth of collagen in the skin and help to fight aging concerns naturally.

Get the Best Skin Care Tips
The skin care specialists at the Vine Vera store Miami have the right experience and knowledge about the number of cosmetics available at the store. They discuss your needs in detail before suggesting any product. They will also suggest about the facials that are offered at the store to help your sin get a flawless look.

If you encounter problems like wrinkles, sun damage, acne and many more then Vine Vera cosmetics are an ideal solution for you. The products will fix the skin problems and make a difference that will keep you satisfied in the end. You will see some improvement in the skin as soon as you take some facial at the store. The skin experts would customize the facial as per your skin type and condition. They will also suggest some products that you can use daily to treat the skin problem effectively. After a certain span of time, you will notice a dramatic improvement in your skin. The collage production will increase, and wrinkles will fade away leaving your skin with a charming look.

The facial treatment offered in the store is in a private room. So, you can relax completely and enjoy superior skin treatment. It will also treat the signs of aging. The skin specialists would guide you about the products that you can use to improve the texture of your skin. It will soften the lines and wrinkles slowly and after some time you will be satisfied with the results. Make a beautiful difference to your skin at the Miami Vine Vera store today.

So the next time you are in Miami, do not forget to visit the Vine Vera Miami Store and end up falling in love with your skin like never before.

The next time you think of skin care, come to the Vine Vera Miami Store. We can assure you that you’re more than likely to end up falling in love with everything that we have to offer.